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A Little Bit About How We Do Things...

 We are a small, very selective hobby kennel dedicated to preserving the good qualities of Labrador Retrievers, and occasionally producing well-bred litters when it appears to us that the breeding has something to offer. We breed only when, by doing so, we might enhance the quality in our breeding program and do our small part to improve the breed.

What follows should give you a general idea of how we operate Kellyn Labradors with regard to:

General Breeding Practices:

  • All breeding stock has a final OFA hip rating of Good or Excellent.
  • All breeding stock has an OFA Elbow rating of Normal.
  • All breeding stock is cleared of genetic eye anomalies annually using a ACVO eye exam.
  • All breeding stock is cleared of genetic heart anomylies by Echocardiogram.
  • Our breedings are done with due consideration to the genetics behind Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), and are managed so as to not produce a puppy affected by either of these conditions.
  • We breed our own bitches only to stud dogs meeting the above criteria.
  • We generally offer stud services only to bitches who also meet the above criteria.
  • We do not breed bitches on "back-to-back"seasons, with rare exception.
  • All of our puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration.

Puppy Information:

  • Puppies are sold only to pre-qualified (screened) purchasers (we normally have a waiting list).
  • General health is guaranteed, as is temperament. Other guarantees (hips, eyes, etc.) are as stated in our Puppy Contract.
  • Puppies are temperament-tested and matched with purchasers whose lifestyles and desires are compatible with the test results. To the best of our ability, we will not place a puppy in a questionable situation based on their temperament.
  • Pet puppies are sold on Limited Registration -- without exception.
  • Since each puppy in a litter has the same mother and the same father, we do not differentiate in price by sex, color, show, pet, etc.
  • We have no desire to act as "bankers" with your money. Deposits are taken only after puppies are actually born. Your puppy is then considered "off the market" and other buyers will be placed on a waiting list for a future litter or referred elsewhere. For this reason, deposits are non-refundable unless the puppy is not available for delivery at 8 weeks of age.
  • Details are in our Puppy Contract.
We offer the following as examples only. Actual documents provided at time of purchase prevail over these examples:


An Important Word on Early Spay/Neuter:

As a pet owner, your vet will probably recommend - and push you to follow along - that your pet should be spayed or neutered sometime between the ages of three and six months. While we do support (and recommend) spay/neuter for animals not being used in a breeding program, WE STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THE PRACTICE OF EARLY SPAY/NEUTER! There are numerous reasons to oppose this practice. Some of the more crucial reasons are included in these articles which we furnish to all of our puppy buyers. If your veterinary practiceinsists on early spay/neuter please show them these articles and let them know you will not approve the procedure. If you can't convince them - find another vet. Here are the articles we include in our puppy packet:

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