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Can you give a good home to a Labrador, but can't deal with a puppy?
A lot of people, for any number of reasons, would love to have a dog to share life with, but just don't have the lifestyle to accommodate the first few months of a Labrador puppy's life. The first thought to pop into the minds of many breeders would be "then you don't have time for a dog". While that sentiment certainly merits some thought, we don't necessarily agree. Some people, we know, have all the ingredients for a good home -- lots of love, attention, and exercise, but not the patience or experience to train a puppy to adulthood, or any one of a variety of other reasons limited only by the time to think of them. For these people, adoption of a rescued Labrador might be a viable option (assuming you have done your homework and a Labrador is a suitable breed for your lifestyle).

However, be aware that rescue organizations exist to protect the welfare of the individual dogs in their care and will do everything they can to ensure that the dogs are placed in homes that will be there for them "come hell or high water". Therefore, they will be highly selective in approving placements. There will be questions, and usually home visits. Please do not take any of this personally. Rescue dogs come from situations which someone thought would provide a lifetime of security. Rescue dogs do not need a second failure at love--they need homes.

For information on rescue, including cross-links to other sites on the internet, the following resources should prove useful:

Good Luck!

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